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Bisnis dan Birokrasi : Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi dan Organisasi


Salary, Subsidy, Civil Servants (Civil Services), and Bureaucracy Reform


Janry Haposan U.P Simanungkalit




of Civil Servant compensation system attracts attention of many parties. There
opinion going that low salary has contributed to bad performance and productivity.
Moreover Civil Servant management causing social cost and high cost economy. It
becomes an excuse for undisciplined behavior and triggers such “deviation” deed
resulted inefficiency and ineffectiveness of bureaucracy and “threatens” to
break down actualization of bureaucracy reform as a whole. Many attempts have
been tried by Government such as “remuneration” policy in Central Government
Agencies and performance “subsidy” in Local Government Agencies. However,
instead of being solution, this acts cause another problems. The objectives of
analysis in this paper are: giving description and remapping various problems
connected to Compensation System and offering alternative design of it
Compensation System in frame of civil service management. The results of the
analysis end up in design scenario of Compensation System integrating the whole
system inside. Solution to Performance Assistance in Bureaucracy Reform
“package” will also formulated through asserting that it will given based on
performance. Besides, legal aspects will straightened up to provide powerful
legitimacy and simplification of various regulations, clarify and affirm
components of compensation, including Pension and Retirement Subsidy System.


Vol 19, Nomor 02, Tahun 2012


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