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Jurnal Ekonomi & Bisnis Indonesia


economic landscape, structural change, input output model, key sector


  1. Muhammad Firdaus
  2. Budi Kurniawan
  3. Sri Mulatsih




      In the assessing the economic
      impact of a sector or a group of sectors on a single of sectors on a single or
      multiregional economy, input-output analysis has been proven to be a popular
      method. This paper explores the degree of structural change of the Indonesian
      economy using the input-output frame work. It examines how linkages among
      economic sectors have evolved from 1971-2008 and identifies which economic
      sectors exhibitade the highest inter-sectoral linkages. The study finds
      manufacturing consistenly becomes the key sector in the Indonesian economy.
      Indonesian cannot afford to leapfrog the industrialization stage and largely
      depend on a service-oriented economy when the potential for growth still lies primarily
      in manufacturing. The graphical presentation of inter-industry relationship
      through the “Multiplier Product Matrix” (MPM) and its associated “economic
      landscape’ provides a visualization of the Indonesian economic landscape for
      selected years and how it has change over time.


      Vol 27, Nomor 01, Tahun 2012


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