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Bisnis dan Birokrasi : Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi dan Organisasi


balanced scorecard, agriculture, IT division strategy map, KPI, IT strategy.


  1. Yusep Romansyah
  2. Husni Mubarok
  3. Rio Yunanto




    Sentra Pelayanan Agribisnis (SAPA) is an agricultural
    organization owned and operated by a farmer community in Sukabumi, West Java,
    Indonesia. SAPA adopts information technology (IT) to improve the effectivity
    of its internal communication. SAPA started IT adoption by a careful planning.
    The step includes organizing the map of IT strategy and formulating the key performance
    indicators. The purpose of this research is to arrange a strategy map of SAPA
    IT division, to formulate the key performance indicators using Balanced
    Scorecard approach, and to implement as a mobile web application.  Results
    of this research include a strategy map of SAPA IT division, key performance
    indicators, and a prototype of mobile web application. It can be concluded that
    IT adoption supported by a strong leadership improves effectivity of the
    information flows within the researched agriculture organisation.


    Vol 19, Nomor 02, Tahun 2012


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