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Management Accounting Research


Research opportunities; Regulatory change; Industry context; Big data; Digitization; Informatics; Accounting history; Editorial policy


Wim A. Van der Stede




This commentary is based on the remarks I made as the chair
of the panel on “the future of management accounting research” on the occasion
of the Management Accounting Research 25th
Anniversary Conference at the London School of Economics in April 2015. The
three panelists’ contributions are published in this issue immediately
following this commentary, and cover perspectives on management accounting
research “in context” related to the panelists’ chosen applications of
industry, regulation or regulatory “shocks”, and informatics or, especially,
“big data”. The audience at the conference also wanted to hear my views on the
future direction of the journal as the then-incoming Editor-in-Chief of Management Accounting Research. I
offer a few


Vol 31, Tahun 2016


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