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Manajemen dan Bisnis Berkala Ilmiah


Service Quality, Product Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Brand Image.


  1. Idris Gautama So
  2. Eric Putra, Ishak Ismail




      Customer satisfaction is a very
      important issue in industries including food industry. This research is aimed
      to analyze the mediating role of customer satisfaction in order to have loyal
      returning customers. Objectives of this research is to analyze the influence of
      service quality and product quality to customer satisfaction and its impact
      towards restaurant’s brand image. Pearson
      correlation and Path Analysis are
      used in this research. Samples of this research are visiting customer of “KD”
      fried chicken restaurant. Data is collected using questionnaires filled by the
      visiting customers with choosing the answer in likert scale. The result of this
      research shows product quality has a strong relationship and significant
      contribution in influencing customer satisfaction and brand image. Customer
      satisfaction also has a strong relationship and contributed to brand image,
      while service quality has no contribution to both customer satisfaction and
      brand image of Fried Chicken restaurant, thus this research suggest the
      improvement of service quality towards the existing customers to achive
      customers satisfaction and brand image, and give some other beneficial inputs
      to restaurant which may be resulted in customer satisfaction and better brand
      image in the future.


      Vol 09, Nomor 02, Tahun 2010


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