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Relational bonding, corporate image, customer value, relational quality, service quality, customer loyalty


Naili Farida




The study discussed about the integration
of relational bonding, relational quality. On service quality and cutomer
loyalty at the state-owned bank in Central Java. The locations of research
include Semarang City, Surakarta City, and Cilacap City. Research method used
multi stage sampling. The sample of research counted 278 customer of Regular
Saving from Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Bank Mandiri, Bank Rakyat Indonesia,
Bank Tabungan Negara, and Bank Pembangunan Central of Java. The hypothesis test
in this research employed descriptive analysis and Stuctural Equation Modeling
(SEM). The descriptive analysis had loading factor 5% significance rate. The
objective of research was to understand and to analyze the relational bonding
between the Bank customer loyalty. The state-owned banks in Central Java
already used this model. Result of research, related to the result of SEM
analysis, indicated that the relevancy of relational bonding, corporate image, customer
value, and service quality had significant effect on customer loyalty. Therefore,
this model should be developed by the stage-owned banks to incrase the customer


Vol 14, Nomor 02, Tahun 2010


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