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5-C principles, credit payback


  1. Djoni
  2. Maman Rohman




    The research aimed to find out the farmer’s
    understanding of the 5-C principles application and of the credit payback in
    agricultural sector and its relationship. The method used was a survey method
    toward the consumer of BRI Unit Neglasari Kecamatan Salawu Kabupaten
    Tasikmalaya. The research location was purposively chosen considering that the
    location was the center of wood agroindustry where in the largest capital aid
    was given. The respondents were 21 people. The research was carried out from
    August to November 2008. The data collected was primary and secondary data. The
    primary data was tabulized and analyzed descriptively, and the relantionship
    between the two variables was analyzed using non-paracmetric statistical test.
    The hypothesis was tested using the Rank Spearman’s Correlation test. The
    result showed that the level of the farmer’s understanding of the 5-C principles
    application, i.e. character, capacity, capital, condition of economy, and collateral,
    was classified medium. 13 people were classified medium and 8 people were
    classified high. There was relation between the level of people understanding
    of 5-C principles application and the credit payback of the wood agroindustry. The
    result indicated that the higher the level of farmer’s understanding of the 5-C
    principles application was, the higher the credit payback of the wood
    agroindustry would be.


    Vol 14, Nomor 02, Tahun 2010


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