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Jurnal Keuangan dan Perbankan


Financial institutions, financing rules, competition, credit risk


  1. Tyas Danarti
  2. Asfi Manzilati
  3. Nurul Badriyah




    The purpose of this tudy was how the
    regulations concering the financing institutions (rules or “rules of play” and
    supervision), how the reality of system or mechanism for each financial
    institution refereed to in channeling financing to small and medium segment,
    and on turn, how the impact of these two issue of competition among the
    existing financing institutions. With in-depth observation and interviews, we
    found that formally Bank of Indonesia only acts as mediators between the SMEs
    and business actors such financial instituons through training, meeting facilitation
    for coordination and delivery of information;implications of the operational
    rules of the microfinance institutons can be divided into four important
    issues, those are target market, the mechanism of realization of loans, settlement
    mechanism of risk, and strategies to face competitions, in turn, a uniform
    service delivery and increasing competition tightened and increased the risk to
    the financial institutions themselves and for society.


    Vol 14, Nomor 02, Tahun 2010


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