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Corporate entrepreneurship; financial performance; management support; managerial cognition; and transformational and transactional leadership; service industry


  1. Sri Paulani
  2. Sari Wahyuni




      Comporate entrepreneurship (CE) or
      intrapreneurship is defined as entrepreneurship within an existing
      organization. One type of CE is identification of employess within an
      organization that may have entrepreneurial aptitude. The development of a
      strong organizational culture, effective leadership (transformational and
      transactional), and managerial cognition, which is managerial beliefs and
      mental models that serve as a basis for decision-making, will help the company
      to achive effective business performance. The aim of this article aims is to
      critically discuss the influence of management support, managerial cognition,
      and entrepreneurial leadership to corporate entrepreneurship of the largest
      healthcare company in Indonesia.this research is a quantitative study which is
      follow by in-depth interview. Respondents whom participated in this study were
      202 respondents from 101 branches of PT XYZ, a health services company in

      The main finding of
      this study indicates that managerial cognition has a strong influence on
      corporate entrepreneurship (CE) which eventually provide a good result on
      company performance. Nevertheless two important variables (management support
      and leadership) do not influence CE in this organization due to the lack of
      strong leadership and system that could accommodate and reward the emergence of
      creative ideas.



      Vol 3, Nomor 1, Tahun 2015


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