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Experiential marketing, relationship marketing, customer satisfaction, marketing strategy


  1. Ign Heruwasto
  2. Dita Ardiyanti




      Cellular market competition
      becomes more intense, so that providers have tried to make the best marketing
      strategy to attract customers. This study combined two critical concepts,
      namely experiential marketing and relationship marketing. The purpose of this
      research is in order to determine whether there is the influence of
      experiential marketing of Blackberry users to relationship marketing, then
      outcomes will be developed into a marketing strategy. Research conducted on 117
      students of IISIP Jakarta who use Blackberry. The results of regression
      analysis showed that experiential marketing factors of Blackberry users would
      experience an irreplaceable if the marketer of company used the ‘think and act’
      approach to influence consumers that would provide a different experience from
      other products of its kind. Blackberry is a smartphone that delivers the
      experience in terms of facilities, forms, and a feature that allows users, but
      Blackberry users in IISIP Jakarta felt more satisfying experience from the
      using of Blackberry, the price in accordance with the features and facilities
      they have, the Blackberry also a lifestyle and a growing trend today.
      Satisfaction they get from an experience that can make users believe and are
      committed to continue to use the Blackberry. Once consumers feel satisfied,
      confident and committed, the consumer will do the promotion, referencing, talk
      about positive things about Blackberry and ultimately make repeat purchase
      intentions. Thus this study shows that experiential marketing is pushing the
      creation of a successful mediation relationship and increase customer
      satisfaction, trust and commitment lead to relationship marketing outcomes.


      Vol 41, Nomor 2, Tahun 2012


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