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Optimum capital structure, leverage, profitability, firm’s value






These research reviewed theoretical and empirical
literature compared among the capital structure theory, Modigliani and Miller
model, traditional model, and combined with ROE framework by Evans (2000) for
testing optimum capital structure related with firm’s value concepts. The
rsearch design of this study used descriptive and co-relational model with
population which were some industries which had been published in Indonesia
Stock Exchange, and purposive sampling for fulfillment of the capital structure
assume, and relationship with leverage concept. The finding of this research
based on the descriptive and co-consisted of; food and beverage 51%, automotive
51%, textile 68%, property 44%, and selected by descriptive analysis, the
optimum capital structure analysis, in which debts to total assets indicated at
level 40%. The second, results of multiple regressions indicated that financial
performance had any significant to firm values, but not significant to
financial leverage, and then the effect of leverage variable to firm value was
significant. Thus, the significant with firm’s value.


Vol 14, Nomor 02, Tahun 2010


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