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Event study, domestic political events, abnormal return, tradingvolume activity.


Suryo Luhur




This research used event study methodlogy
to investigate the stock price reaction to domestic political events, Indonesia
presidential and vice election on July
2009 on stock of LQ-45 category listed in BEl. Data analysis used one sample
t-test and paired samples t-test. The result of the analysis revealed that
abnormal return were: (1) not significantly different before and after
presidential election announcement, (2) Significantly negative on day t-10,
t-5, t-4, t0, and t+7 and significantly positive on t-10 and t+7 3, (3) Not
significantly different on day 0 Trading Volume Activity before and after
presidential election announcement. This result reported here indicated that
Indonesia Capital Market was little sensitive to political events.


Vol 14, Nomor 02, Tahun 2010


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