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Relationship marketing, customer loyalty


  1. Nur Asnawi
  2. Abdul Musowir




    One of strategies used by BRI Syariah
    Malang in emulation of banking worl was focusing itself in contrusing
    relationship with customer by applying relationship marketing. It was hoped to
    get the customers in the final purpose. Relantionship marketing could be
    development into three steps, financial benefits, social benefits, and
    structural benefits. This research was to know the influence of relationship
    marketing which consisted of financial benefits, social benefits, and
    structural benefits towards customer loyalty in BRI Syariah of Malang. The
    total sample was 100 respondents. The analysis system used was the double
    regression model. The result of the double linear regression analysis was that
    the writer found out that financial benefit, social benefits and structural
    benefits influenced customer loyalty at BRI Syariah of Malang simultaneously. Beside,
    the most influencing variable was social benefits.


    Vol 14, Nomor 02, Tahun 2010


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