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Corporate governance structure, timelines, financial performance, neural network


Tri Gunarsih




The Main objective of this study was to
examine the impact of corporate governance structure and the performance of the
firms to timelines in Indonesia Stock Exchange using two alternative methods,
Logistic Regression and Neural Network. This study combined corporate
governance structure and timelines study. Sample in this study were public
companies listed in Indonesaia Stock Exchange. The dependent variable was
timelines proxied by dummy variable, 1 if companies published financial
reporting before 120 days  after December
31 and 0 otherwise Governace structures are proxied number of the Board of
Directors and Number of the Board of Commissieners. The result of the study
showed that the prediction accuracy of logistic regression is 61.2% while
Neural Network is more than 96%. This suggested that Neural Network predict
more accurately than logistic regression.


Vol 14, Nomor 02, Tahun 2010


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