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Cash holdings; leverage; ASEAN-5;crisis


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    This research investigates the behavior of cash holdings
    within asean-5 countries which are indonesia, malaysia,philippnes, singapore
    and thailand between period 1990 until 2014. Moreover, this research focuses on
    the ralation between leverage and corporate cash holdings. Furthermore, this
    study also focus on each country analysis,consistency of leverage in
    influencing cash holdings during the normal period, and the effect of crisis.
    Using 1932 of non-financial firms that listed in ASEAN-5 as the sample, this
    research untilizes the fixed effect and cross-sectionalpanel data method.
    Following T-statistical approach to analyze whether the variables are
    significant, the result find that the level of firms leverage has negative
    influence to corporate cash holdings,and leverage is also the most dominant
    factor in determining cash holdings. The biggest effect of leverage to cash
    holdings found in singapore. Moreover,crisis turn out to be not significant in
    affecting or changing the impact of leverage on cash holdings.


    Vol 4, Nomor 1, Tahun 2016


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