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SMS advertising, advertising intrusiveness, permission marketing


  1. Mahiah Binti Said
  2. Shari Md. Nor




      Short messaging system (SMS) has
      overtaken the means of communicating and interacting between individuals today,
      regardless of age, gender, social class and boundaries. Organizations around
      the world today have incorporated SMS into their strategic marketing
      communication plans as one vital tool to reach out to their target customer. It
      rapidly becomes a vital media vehicle since it has precision targeting,
      personalization, customization and measurability, impact, persuasiveness and
      interactivity. Age is a widely used demographic variable to characterize the
      adoption of technologies between two or more consumer group (Morris and
      Venkatesh, 2000). There are certain differences exist in their behavior because
      of their inherent motivational needs. This paper is looking at the perceptions
      of different age group towards the intrusiveness of SMS advertising and how
      their perception could affect their brand loyalty and purchase intention. 550
      questionnaires were distributed to mobile phone users using systematic stratified
      random sampling method.


      Vol 09, Nomor 02, Tahun 2010


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